Sashanti is a creatively gifted person who has fulfilled himself in many art forms including journalism, photography, writing, promotion, DJing and producing. During the twenty years of his artistic career, he has become a prize-winning journalist, showcasing some of his photographic exhibitions around the world and released a bestselling book in Russia about Goa named “The Goa Syndrome”.

In the year 2004, Sashanti shifted his residency to Goa and in parallel with dominating the local Trance music scene, he brought fresh waves by playing Techno and House genres revolutionizing the nightlife culture of the state.

In 2008, Sashanti together with the support of the Shanti club (Moscow) opened a winter residence named Shanti Goa that after a few years it was listed in the top 10 venues of India. In 2012 he launched his own club venture Soma Project, winning the prestigious British award Gold Standard Beach Clubs 2014. Today Sashanti is one of the most demanded artists in India, regular guest DJ of such festivals as Sunburn and Supersonic. For five years he has been curating the Atmasphere stage at Sula Fest.

December 2014 saw the release of his first EP “Chudesato” on Lucid Flow (DE), since then he released his EP’s on Extremely House Music (SP), Parallel (SP) and Deeplomatic (UK)

Sashanti has already played his sets at many cult clubs like Katerholzig, Tresor , Sisyphos, Kater Blau (Berlin), Supperclub, Dok, Westerunie, Paradiso (Amsterdam), Chapeau De Rouge (Prague), Palaise (Munich), Baalsaal (Hamburg), Supersonic (Paris), Die Kantine, Sass, Flex, Pratersauna (Vienna), KM-5 (Ibiza), Gazgolder (Moscow) also at festivals like Awakenings (Holland).

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Q&A with Sashanti

What does DJing mean to you?

First of all, it is a possibility to send positive vibes to the dancefloor and get powerful energy from there. It’s kind of exchanging of good mood between many people.

How and Why did you become a DJ?

Insomnia brought me to the nightlife and when I’ve seen work of great DJs I made the decision to connect my life with music

When did you start DJing and what was your first big DJ moment?

I’ve started in 1996 in a small Russian town and became a pioneer of electronic music there. And of course, the biggest DJ moments that time was my own underground party packed from day one

You’ve been there from the conception of some of the biggest Music Festivals in India, has the impact & execution of these festivals changed over the years? If yes, why do you think?

Being involved in the Indian festival scene from 2008 I definitely see big changes in it. Festivals are growing up and becoming more and more professionally organized. Above it, and more importantly, many new festivals created with interesting concepts and some of them have really world-class standards.

What and who were your early passions and influences?

I cannot mark some names, music by itself was my passion and influencer

What are some of the main challenges for a Dj in the current scenario according to you?

I think we all miss that communication and energy exchange between us and the dancefloor. We have to wait till the moment clubs will open their doors – that moment will be like a blast

How do you prep for a set?

I don’t prepare my sets at all, I have my playlists and it is like instruments for me to build ambiance. I never know what I gonna play, then I see my crowd and understand what to play and where to bring them

Recommend a DJ which you feel deserves more attention

So many names, so many talented friends. Just dig deeper local production, you find a lot of gems there

What’s the difference for you in playing at a gig and playing on the Radio?

Just one – I cannot see happy people, but I know they are around anyway

Can you describe your state of mind during a DJ set? What supports this ideal state of mind and what are distractions?

I am flying. Smiles, claps, whistling from the crowd and few double whiskeys keep me in the air. No need to discuss distraction, I wish we all play without

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Good music never gets old. I like to use in my sets tracks from the early ’90s or ’00s, but I can mention one. Faithless – Insomnia

What have you learned since you started out as a DJ?

How to be positive in any current state of mind. People on the dancefloor don’t need to know your problems or whatever, they came to get from you and music you play only good vibes

Where do you think India stands in the global music scenario and what should we do better to encourage talent?

I would not talk about the country, music has no borders and a lot of Indian artists already at the top level in the industry. We don’t need to encourage talents, let them encourage us.

What does the future look like for you?

The future is here already

What advice will you give to aspiring DJs and Music Producers?

Be yourself