Q&A with Ishan

What does DJing mean to you?

Djing for me means spreading happiness through music. It does not matter what genre you are playing. It does not matter if there are 10 people in a room or 10,000 people in a stadium.

How and Why did you become a DJ?

How – It just happened initially when I did a few school parties with friends.
Why – it was the love for the music and the craziness for being able to mix different tracks

When did you start DJing and what was your first big DJ moment?

I started way back in 1995-96 during the 1st year in college and kept doing for 2-3 years purely because of the passion for it. In those times only very few people took a step towards taking DJing as a career option. Over the years the art of djing has gone through a massive change and the thought of not pursuing it again kind of kept creeping in and kept me restless. It was only
in 2010 during my numerous interactions with Saahil that I decided to take it up professionally alongside my corporate job.
My first big DJ moment came when my friend and I got our first gig for Rs 1000 back in 1996. We had a friend who was the Asst Dj in one of the prominent night clubs in Delhi, he came in to join us for that gig. One crazy night.

What and who were your early passions and influences?

It was ABBA , MJ and then Paul Van Dyk

What are some of the main challenges for a DJ?

As a DJ the important challenge is creating your own identity in terms of the music you play. Not everyone can dabble with different genres. It’s important to identify maybe a few genres and stick to it and make an impact. In today’s time, there are a lot of avenues to learn more skills and improve your style. Try and find a mentor who understands your style and is also there to guide you in different milestones of your journey. Always take criticism as positive feedback. That helps you evolve as a better person as well. Find avenues to market yourself, collaborate with fellow DJs in the community.

What shows do you host?

I host two weekly shows on ElectroInfected

Technofied (With Rick)  – As the name suggests, this show is dedicated to the techno family!
Rick has a major influence over this show and we have many great guest DJs coming on the show.

Transcend – Recent addition to our roster, its quickly getting a lot of traction. It’s a show dedicated to Trance lovers. We play Classic, Uplifting, Vocal trance.

How do you prep for a set?

Usually, the prep starts with going through the dozens and dozens of tracks and getting the right kind of vibe that I want to give to the listeners for a particular show, then shortlisting them and sequencing them to create that vibe.

Recommend a DJ which you feel deserves more attention

Saahil. Having known him over the years, it’s very difficult to find someone with so much talent as Saahil when it comes to Music. Just mixing different genres that sometimes have no correlation, he has the ability to make that journey memorable for the audience. Also while producing a new track or a remix, he has the ability to have a vision for it and then pull it off
in a matter of hours, its something like a gift.

What’s the difference for you in playing at a gig and playing on the Radio?

Compared to the radio, Playing at a gig I have to spend more time in preparation, for me as it depends on who I am playing with and at what position. But on the radio, I have gotten much more comfortable as it has been a while I have been doing this.

Can you describe your state of mind during a DJ set? What supports this ideal state of mind and what are distractions?

Usually, I will run through the tracklist that I have prepared for the particular show and try and be more relaxed. Distraction happens for a minute or so if someone comes in my studio during the live broadcast.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Difficult to select one for sure. Greece 2000 by Three Drives would be something that I can listen to any number of times.

What have you learned since you started out as a DJ?

You need to be more patient and should develop a knack of dealing with people pushing you for requests while playing your set.

What advice will you give to aspiring DJs?

Stay focussed on achieving your dreams and work smart towards it. create a community of people built on trust and honesty. Make mistakes and learn from it as every professional in any industry does.
Most Important – Always remember why you started DJing and how your journey has been.

How did Electro Infected come into your path?

I met Saahil way back in 2007-2008 in Mumbai and music and DJing became our common and extremely compatible connect. He started doing the radio shows somewhere in 2010 or so and I joined him around 2012-2013 and together we have
continued this journey. Taking along a lot of like-minded fellow DJs along this journey over the years.

What’s your vision for Electro Infected?

We want to build Electro Infected into a strong brand that is recognized everywhere. We want to create a community of DJs and producers to use the radio platform to reach out to a bigger audience in India and the world. We are also starting our Artist management section soon.